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Decanter at The Avenue

Situated on the busy Jalan Tun Razak this outlet has meeting rooms and an elegant lounge to relax your nerves after a long days work. Perfect for corporate meetings, brainstorming sessions and birthday parties.

Decanter LCCT

The TUNE HOTELs outlet just out of the LCCT Terminal provides the tired traveler rest and recovery with good food & drink.

Decanter PJ

The PJ Outlet has both features, with its upstairs balcony offering the perfect place to drink where as the downstairs location allowing children to be, well, children.

Decanter Setiabakti

Setiakasih’s younger sibling (in Jalan Setiabakti), also in Bukit Damansara, its totally opposite. A younger, brighter outlet, it’s the place to go with younger families. Food is the star here, especially their numerous desserts.


The Original outlet (in Jalan Setiakasih 5), aptly named D1 by their staff, still occupies the same location its had for over 30 years. Modeled after the colonial bars of old, it offers a relaxed, quiet place to enjoy a drink (check out the impressive list of whiskys) and good old Hainanese Local & Western Food.